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USA property  is something worth thinking about . This website is where to look for 2017/ 2018

Las Vegas  properties are up on last year and some houses show  increases above the 10 % mark.   You can buy a new 3 Br for $310.00  and 3 Bed Condo home selling under the $175,000

 But  if this is you wish  lots to see : A Beautiful  4 or 6 Beds with 2 and a half Baths, up to  4 Baths #Approx. 3,380 Sq. Ft. / Priced from $390,490

Property O.

Property features
• Section 8 Tenanted!
• Unrivalled after-sale client care in the industry
• Over 50% of our clients are repeat buyers
• Professionally managed in-house and on the ground
• Refurbished throughout
• FREE! We clear all back taxes & liens!
• FREE! We set up your LLC to ensure tax efficiency!
• FREE! Warranty Deed included!
• FREE! We set up your U.S. Bank Account!
• An armchair- hands-off investment!

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 Property prices are moving up , but slow lending

may be a factor.


We feature a number of Web Sites that have linked with us to provide this service. Their knowledge combined with the experiences of our visitors / you, we will help people to know more about the process before committing to a contract

Buying Property for the Future

A few years or so ago it seemed that our TV channels were dominated by property programmes encouraging us all to invest in property. Especially seductive were those programmes enticing us to look for property overseas. There might be fewer of these programmes around these days but for many of us the dream of owning a property overseas is very much alive.
Across Europe, housing and property for the past 12 months has been encouraging.

Property prices had fallen dramatically and many homeowners and investors are nursing significant losses.

The biggest challenge for anyone looking to buy or invest in the market has been the lack of funding. However if you can raise the funds and have the time to wait, there has never been a better time to buy, especially if you are looking to buy a property in the sun.

There are signs across most markets that prices are beginning to stabilise and even growing in places like Portugal. There are bargains to be had at the moment. And remember too that southern Europe offers guaranteed sunshine and is readily accessible to the Irish and UK holiday market. If you are looking to invest in property for holiday rental income, the rental yield is pretty much guaranteed and at a better rate than keeping your money in a building society or bank.
But the wise property investor will always remember the golden rule "never buy for what it could be but for what it is". So don`t invest thinking you are going to make a quick buck, pound or euro, buy long term to ease your expectations.

Cyprus is still a lower price and has not come up as well as the mainland areas like France and Portugal....

And should you be looking for that place to buy in the sun, Spain and Portugal have long been favourites for investors. The property market in these countries may have been badly hit in past years with 10% falls in property prices being reported year on year in both countries with some economists and analysts predicting falls of 25%-30% from the peak. However there are signs that rate of decline has slowed and even rising with equity rich lifestyle buyers coming into the market.

For long term investors this is a great time to buy. Spain and Portugal will never go out of favour with sun seekers and golf lovers and with the market becoming flooded with re-possessed properties, villas are now available at 50% discount.

It is also worth pointing out that the credit crunch has led to a collapse of new developments, especially in Spain, meaning that the supply of new homes has tightened which will put upward pressure on prices.
So if you are serious about investing in the sun and are prepared to take a long term and slightly contrarian view, now is the time to act before all the best bargains disappear.

And in the event that you decide that trying to find a property for your sunshine investment seems like too much hard work, you might want to take a break in the sun rather than invest in the sun. Cyprus offers all year round sunshine and is within easy flying distance from the UK. and other European locations .

And here <a href=" ">Protaras hotels</a> will give you the time and space to let you ponder your next move without depleting your cash reserves too much. So sit back and enjoy.

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We are a Property portal for people who want to buy homes and land overseas.

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THIS is probably the most important thing you will do .A month or more now will be worth years of happiness in the future.

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Never buy for what it could be, but always for what it is !


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Escrow in the USA appears to be a Safer method.. It would be great if Europe did something  similar.

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