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Holiday Rental is not  always possible in every location.


  Ask  and read the regulations before you Buy. Anywhere in the    World


The questions are the same from place to place, so we have selected a number of the most common questions from our featured sites.



      SPAINSpain Flag

Q: What’s the weather like in the winter?

Much, much warmer than Northern Europe with a lot less rainfall. Most people on the Costa del Sol don’t even feel the need for central heating and with over 320 days of sunshine every year, overcoats are a rare sight even in December and January.

Q: What if the builders run into major problems and can’t finish the property?
A: As described above your money is bank guaranteed. However the days when this kind of thing used to occasionally happen is very much a thing of the past. New Spanish and EU laws have been in place for many years now to protect the interests of the purchaser.
Q: Should I use a solicitor from my own country?
A: This is not at all necessary, as your lawyer back home would still have to use a local Spanish lawyer resulting in you receiving two sets of legal bills. All communications from your Spanish lawyer will be in your own language.
Q: What other costs on top of the purchase price can I expect?
A: Normally you should allow an additional 10% on top of the purchase price for legal and notary fees, Land Registry, VAT or Transfer Tax and Stamp Duty. Your lawyer will give you a detailed estimate as part of his quotation. If you’re considering a mortgage, the bank may charge an arrangement fee and the cost of a survey.
Q: Is there a building guarantee with a new property?
A: New properties have a 10-year guarantee very similar to the NHBC guarantee in the UK. Although this type of guarantee has been compulsory in many Northern European counties for many years, it only became compulsory in Spain within the last 2 years. Most things we buy in this world have a guarantee, so it obviously makes sense to have a guarantee on such a large investment as a property.
Q: What are community fees?
A: Community fees apply for properties that have the benefit of services such as a swimming pool, 24hr security, up-keep of gardens and general maintenance. As part of the Golden Promise we will ensure you have all this information before you make your final decision.
Q: Is the property freehold?
A: Yes.
Q: Can I get a mortgage?
A: Yes, they are readily available and mortgage rates in Spain are generally lower than most European Countries.
Q: I’m buying a new property, will I be able to inspect it before I complete?
A: Absolutely! With a new property, before you instruct your lawyer to complete the purchase, we will inspect the property with you and detail anything that might need putting right. Once rectified to your satisfaction, the title deeds can be signed.
Q: Do I have to be here for each stage of the legal process?
A: No. You can instruct your lawyer to act on your behalf, even for the final completion.
Q: What if I change my mind before completion?
A: You are committed to the Private Purchase Contract but some people do sell their new property before completion and can benefit from profits of up to 30% or more on the money they initially invested!
Q: Should we learn the language?
A: If you’re planning to work in the Spanish community it is advisable. Otherwise you’ll soon be getting by in Spanglish and picking up the useful phrases which add to the quality and fun of life. Spanish is regarded as one of the easier lan-guages to learn and many people get started using a phrase book or basic cassette tape. For the more serious there are dozens of low cost language schools that cater for students of all ages and ability! And for the less serious there are probably more English speaking establishments on the Costa del Sol than anywhere else in Spain.
France    Flag of France 
Q: If I am buying in France who do I talk to or how will I know what is good.

 A:  If you know some person who has bought a property ,ask their opinion. Always search our links page  for information as we update often !

Logon to this company and get great information and properties from our links page.

Buying Property in France - the Legal Process
Buying a property in France: the legal process of French property purchase in France, including information about contracts, notaires, fees, taxes, surveys and ...


Information on France - Guide to Living Working Moving to France (


Portugal's Flag - Algarve Portugal 
Finance & Law for Investors



Golden Visa – Residence Permit For Investment Activities (

NHR Regime –General Overview
This regime was introduced in 2009 to attract individuals and their families to Portugal by making it beneficial from a tax perspective to become a tax resident.
NHR status can result in salaries, pensions, dividends, tax on interest and investment income originating in a non-Portuguese source being exempt from, or being subject to a preferential rate of, personal income tax.
The only requirement to benefit from the NHR status is become a Portuguese tax resident, not having been a Portuguese tax resident in the previous 5 years.
The NHR status can be maintained for 10years.
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GOLDEN VISA – Residence Permit for Investment Activities
What is the Golden Visa?
The Portugal ‘Golden Visa’ is a temporary residence permit for non-EU citizens, providing the advantage of being part of the European Union, living and working in Portugal while maintaining residence in another country, with visa exemption for travelling within the Schengen Area and without obligation to reside permanently in Portugal. There is the possibility to obtain permanent residence after 5 years and/or acquiring Portuguese citizenship after 6 years.
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How Smart Currency can help you
You could benefit from their cost-effective, safe and easy way to transfer your regular payments to Portugal. Smart Currency Exchange is able to offer exchange rates of up to 4% better than the local banks, there are no bank charges and their traders, unlike many others, are not remunerated on commission so can offer you impartial guidance.

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LAS VEGAS            Flag of United States                          

Q: Loan applications and other forms require Social Security Numbers - SSN. I don't have one.
A: A I.T.I.N. - Individual Tax Identification Number can be applied for - see form W-7 Instructions. this is what you need, however we used our Passport Number and our own S.S.N. / TaxNo.. The I.T.I.N. Number is a big help.
Q: Can I get a mortgage in Las Vegas?
A: Yes. But it is a bit slower than home; also keep records of money transfers as you will be asked to account for the deposit etc. (Money Laundering Prevention rules).
It is important to let your Broker / Lender know that you are a foreign national.
Q: Where would you recommend me to buy in Las Vegas?

Las Vegas is expanding so fast and I don’t know a lot of it. But I like the West and Southwest, Henderson in the Southeast and for retirement Sun City Anthem.
For Luxury, Spanish Trails on Tropicana West and Lake Las Vegas are just two out of at least four excellent communities.

The standard in Las Vegas New Home Communities is very good.


Flag of United States                   ARIZONA
Q: If I am buying land who do I talk to or how will I know what is good.

In any event get information form any source see an example of what you should expect from a Quality Realtor.

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