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There is so much to say about Insurance it is impossible to cover all the Policy types needed from place to place.
It is very important that you discuss Property Insurance at the first stage of the purchase process, or inform yourself prior to setting out to buy that Dream Home.

Other Insurance you will need is Travel and Health, these should be checked out as soon as you decide on your location.   The cost of the insurance will be a regular outlay and must be considered with other ongoing payments, all this is a factor to deciding how you will afford your Home in the Sun

  Motor cover will be a cost in some cases.

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The European Health Insurance Card  is issued free of charge and allows anyone who is insured by or covered by a social security scheme of the EEA countries to receive necessary medical care.

European health card covers State healthcare, not private treatment.


With a card you can get emergency or necessary medical care for the same cost as a resident in the country you're visiting. This means that you can get healthcare at a reduced cost or for free.

Each person must have their own card. (link is external) HSE


Australia also has an agreement with some Countries , it is an added comfort to your Travel Insurances.  check it out !



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