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Here is a great link that will not only help and inform you about the U K

market, it has great information about  many world destinations.

  Property Price


1 USA Miami Beach

Although this isn't the largest apartment, this one bedroom property boasts a private

pool and is within walking distance of Miami beach and a luxurious golf course.


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Good News for  Las Vegas Homes

Prices are settling ??.     2019Home sales  are up a little bit

Prices in Las Vegas had been rising nearly every month in 2019,

 Condo Homes from  165,000.00 - $ 252,000.00  Single Family


Homes   are selling better from the mid 270's  and as high as

you wish to go

European property is also on the way back up..but still slow. 

   France is selling better in Paris while around the country,  it is

difficult to say much as the prices fell a bit.

Watch  countries that have a good buyer / occupier ratio.

     Buying A Home In Las Vegas has numerous benefits, whether

it is a property that will be inhabited throughout the year or a second home

which can be rented out to friends and family or to holiday makers.

Las Vegas is a lively city with great all year round good weather, which means

that you are not limited to letting it as holiday accommodation during a few

months only.

        Las Vegas has the added attraction of world famous gambling

and entertainment facilities, which appeal to those looking for good holiday

accommodation, and it a good idea to consider the proximity of your property to

these facilities when deciding where to buy.

Prices are generally lower in the US than the UK,or Ireland particularly in the

current economic climate, and despite this, there is still a great deal of choice in

Las Vegas, whether it is a 5 bedroom villa with pool or 1 bedroom apartment

that you are looking for.

Before looking at what is on offer in Las Vegas, consider what you want out of   

a property, how many bedrooms and reception areas, what size of outdoor    


. If you are planning to live there permanently, look at what schools

there are in the area, what each neighbourhood is like, what other facilities are

in each location such as shops, cafes and bars, gyms and opportunities for


Use websites to see what is on offer in various neighbourhoods and what kind of

prices each property commands. It is vital that you actually visit each property

before making an offer, and do not rely on website information alone.


View as many as you can This way, you can get a feel for the neighbourhood as

well as the property, the size of the building and garden.

Always use an expert to negotiate a real estate contract. Once a purchase

agreement has been executed, an escrow is opened. This enables both selling

and buying parties toundertake inspections independently.

It is best to offer the   seller a higher deposit than has been requested to show

that you mean business.   Enlist the help of a home inspector

.This can save you thousands of dollars in the long run, ensuring that you are

not buying a property that may have serious faults.

An appraiser will also assess whether the asking price is reasonable or not.

When your property is recorded at the local county recorders

office you will receive the keys to your new home.

Mortgages should beconsidered carefully in the same way


Investing in a home in Las Vegas

Condos Starting at.

* $215,000.00  Some properties were selling for less, BUT be guided by your

Buyer Representative .

If you are interested in settling in Las Vegas or you can afford a realy nice

house, then you are probably spending $350 to 450,000

New Homes NICE Homes  are selling around $390,  to $520.00  Worth a read if Las Vegas is a place you like


Individual Tax Identification

Number  for USA



The purchase of your property in the Algarve can be as easy as in the UK if you seek the

help of professionals. Therefore the journey starts with your real estate agent who should

be licensed by the Portuguese government and therefore carry what is called an AMI

number. Sales consultants are also required to carry an individual license. This license is

valid for three years and for revalidation it is necessary for the agent to attend seminars

for further education in real estate related professions such as real estate law, finance,

property valuation and marketing.

As a fully licensed real estate agent we are here to guide you through the entire purchase

process and drawing on our experience will provide you with advice and support;

recommending and introducing you to reliable professionals such as lawyers, surveyors,

architects, interior designers, management companies and construction companies.

Although as a mediator we have knowledge of real estate law, we are not authorized to

give legal binding information. Therefore we can recommend trustworthy English speaking

lawyers who have been working for many years in this area and they will check all the

necessary documentation

Documents necessary for the sale or purchase of a property

Certidão de teor do imóvel– is obtained from the land registry office “Conservatória de

Registo Predial”, which is located in the County Court to which the property belongs. This

document contains all important information about the property: the owner (private person

or corporate structure –national or off-shore), the characteristics and the exact location. It

also shows if there are any charges or liabilities against the property.

Caderneta Predial– is the document issued by the finance department and shows the

owner, the location and the taxable value of the property.

Licença de Utilização– (Habitation license) is issued by the local council after inspection of

the completed property by the authorities to ensure that the building has been finished in

accordance with the approved plans. Properties built before August 1951 do not require a

‘licença de utilização’.

Licença de construção– (Building license) is also issued by the local council and is

necessary from the start until the end of construction. If you buy a property under

construction there should be a valid license.


Ficha Técnica– is a detailed description of technical and functional characteristics of the

finished building and compulsory for properties completed after April 2004.

Certificado Energético– (Energy certificate) since January 2009 must be submitted by the

owner with the sale or rental of a house.

How the buying process works: compiled by


Tel:+351 289 462 438

Mob: +351 935 962 657


Once you have found the property that you would like to buy; your real estate agent will

commence purchase negotiations with the owner on your behalf. When a price has been

agreed you will need to sign, with your agent, a letter of intent for the purchase of the

property, where, in addition to the purchase price, the dates of the Promissory Contract

(exchange) and the Deeds or completion, it will also list any extras to be included in the

price of the property such as furniture or a golf title etc.

Your lawyer will carry out the necessary legal searches and ensure that there are no

outstanding charges against the property before drawing up the Promissory contract. In

Portugal a deposit of between 10 and 20% of the purchase price is generally paid upon

signing of the Promissory contract. Under Portuguese legislation, if the buyer should then

withdraw from the contract his deposit is non refundable. Alternately, if the vendor should

withdraw, the deposit will be refunded in double.

The Promissory contract will confirm, the details of the property, the identity of the buyers

and vendors; an inventory will be attached and it will also state the date for the Deed of

transfer or ‘Escritura’. This contract would normally be signed before a notary, but, since

January 2009 most property transactions can be carried out by lawyers without the aid of a

notary, making the process simpler and more efficient.

The period between the signing of the Promissory contract and the signing of the Deeds is

normally between four and six weeks but this can vary according to the terms and, for

example; if a mortgage is involved. Your lawyer will advise you on acquiring a Portuguese

Fiscal (Tax) number at this stage and also a Fiscal representative; a legal requirement if

you are not a resident in Portugal. Your representative will guide you through Portuguese

bureaucracy and be responsible for seeing that your fiscal obligations are met, such as

your IMI (annual property tax or rates) for which he will receive your payment request

twice a year in April and September.

IMI is a variable calculation of between 0.3% and 0.8% of the property value, taking into

consideration factors including age, location, construction and plot size.

Before completion the purchaser must pay the IMT (Property Acquisition tax), which in

2013 for an amount up to €550.836 could vary between 1 - 8% on a sliding scale. All

properties above that value are taxed at 6%. For a plot the IMT amount would be 6.5%.

Legal fees will include lawyer’s fees which vary between 0.8% and 1.5% of the purchase

price, Stamp duty which is 0.8% and also the Land registry fee.


Here in Portugal the Real Estate agent’s fees are paid by the vendor.

Once the Deed or Escritura has been signed and exchanged you have ownership of the

property and as soon as possible it must then be registered at the Land Registry under

your name.

Upon the sale of a property in Portugal by a non-resident any profit will be subject to a

Capital Gains Tax (CGT) of 25%. However, there are many expenses which are deductible

including legal fees, acquisition taxes and official invoices for structural works done within

five years of the sale.

If you have any queries about the buying or selling process please do not hesitate to

contact us.

Or if you wish just email :

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Home Buying

One Effective Negotiation Technique

in Home Buying .. Leave a Comment

Buying a home can be a lot of fun; it can also be a time of stress. There are several things

you can do to ease the stress, particularly during the negotiation process. There is one

area that sellers and their agents rely on during the negotiation process and that is your

emotions. Agents, in particular, will be hoping that you have ‘fallen in love’ with the

property – it is your dream home, and you WANT it.

There is one negotiation technique that can be extremely effective – don’t fall in love with

the property you are looking at. In fact, find three or four properties that you ‘really like’

and use them in your negotiation processes. Why three or four? Let me explain.

If there are three homes you really like, you are going into the negotiation stage hoping

to secure one of them at the right price. Start with your ‘favorite’ property and make an

offer. That offer is binding until canceled or withdrawn. A counter offer by the seller will

cancel your opening offer. If the counter offer is not to your liking, don’t take the bait just

yet – move on.

Make an offer on the second property and then, after a counter offer, the third property.

This process takes time, of course, but don’t let time pressure you; let it pressure the

sellers. Having gone through three offers and counter offers, you are now ready to go back

to property number one. If you have room to up your offer (and I assume your first offer

did leave some negotiation space), make a second offer. Because of the time delay

between the first and second offer, the sellers and their agents will know that emotion is

not a factor, it is strictly business.

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Individual Tax Identification Number  for USA

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The properties featured in the Links to this web site vary so much in size, price, quality

and location that it is essential you get the best advice.   After browsing through the site

  select the area your interested in and start noting details. After several weeks you'll

have decided on an Apt. / Villa   and will now be evaluating what you can afford and how

soon you can purchase.     At this point you  have   to select your  Buyer Representative

who will advise you of their preferences and make arrangements for you to view the

property  or send you photos / video to study at your convenience.

From this point on you're on a roll or as I describe it a High, so it is very important that

you have done your homework because it's so hard to turn back. This is the time you rely


Whether you're buying in the million-pound bracket or not  that extra 1,000 can make the

difference especially if it's an ongoing payment.   Remember the stock market phrase,

past performances does not necessarily guarantee for the future.

We hope you enjoy using our Web site and the sites we Link to for The Professional

advice . Our wish is that your purchase is a long lasting and enjoyable one,  not one that

will have to do


Remember it is a Vacation / Retirement Home in the Sun and if it makes you a few thousand that's a bonus. 

Don't expect to hear everything at your first visit or initial enquiry.

Ask the Questions, Ask the Questions,


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